You’ve probably seen blog after blog outlining the trends and best practices to aim for in your digital marketing strategy this year. While there is plenty of good advice out there, it’s sometimes better to know what to avoid. These three tips will help you steer clear of any marketing pitfalls in 2017.

Focus-free content

Every marketing department and their mother knows that content is king. But in the world of big data, machine learning, and contextual search, simply churning out content is not enough. In fact, using resources on content without any clear goals behind it will just cost you money in the long run for very little return.

With this in mind, try to think clearly about what it is you specifically want to achieve with your content. Who are you talking to? Are you looking to make sales or just get new sign-ups to your newsletter?

In the ideal world, each piece of content, from a solitary tweet to a blog post or brochure, should be written with a clear goal in mind. Not only will it make your content more effective by giving copywriters and designers a clear idea of what you want, the content will be far better and more engaging too!

Drowning in new tools and channels

There are dozens of high-quality tools out there, as well as multiple social media networks and channels to promote yourselves on. Paying thousands to license an all-powerful SEO tool might seem like a good use of funds, but will your team be using it day to day?

It may also seem wise to have a presence on every social media platform out there, but does your audience use them all? As with your content, let your goals and customer analytics drive your choice of tools and platforms.

Focusing too much on social media

Even if you’ve paired down your social media presence to the platforms your customers are likely to engage with, don’t be tempted to think it’s the only way to drive sales forward. Social media is a wonderful device to build awareness and engagement, but in truth, it is a lousy sales tool.

In 2017, consumers are super-savvy about being sold to, and even the merest whiff of spammy posts will see users unfollow you. But that doesn’t mean abandoning social media for post-sales support; in fact, by reassuring and interacting with customers after the fact (even the grumpy ones!), as well as posting inspiring and valuable content, you can genuinely boost the relationship with your user base and boost trust. Want to find out more? Contact us today.