Creative, Branding & Digital

Creative Campaigns

Creativity is the heart of our business, and we take every chance possible to put it to the test. We can help bring your campaigns to life, and provide ideas you'll remember forever.

Brand Building

A brand is a name, a team, a design or any other feature that distinguishes you from someone else. Our team can help build your brand and show your customers who you really are.

Digital Design

For us, digital design is more than just a pretty website. It's about solving issues, and increasing presence and reach no matter what your objectives or who your audience are.


Good photos need good photographers, so we always plan shoots well, making sure everything is captured perfectly to brief. Photos speak a thousand words, and we're big talkers.

Graphic Design

Our business is founded on great graphic design skills, and it means a lot to us to articulate ideas and provide clients with outstanding visual communication that they can be proud of.

Retained Services

We work with a lot of clients on a long term basis, and we find the easiest way to do this effectively and accurately is to run retainers each month. Everything is noted and tracked, with regular updates.

Kirkby Lonsdale Based Studio

Passion, creativity, inspiration and feeling are just a few things that make us tick. None more so than the feeling of a beautiful morning drive to the office, taking in the hills, the greenery, the wildlife and of course the amazing country air! We are tremendously lucky to work in such a beautiful part of the North West, our surroundings often kick-start some great thinking and brainstorming sessions with the team.

What's more, our clients love it here too. We're always putting the kettle on ready for a meeting, or in the summer a cool drink sat outside in our garden area. Our Kirkby Lonsdale office is easily accessible from the motorway, just a short drive down the A65 and we can even meet at our Lancaster location if easier for you!

We also have a presence in Lancaster as it's important to us to stay involved in the local area. We live locally, and are proud to work locally - so if you'd like to chat in Lancaster anytime just get in touch.

Meet the Team

This is the bit where you find out who Single Malt really are. Our team is our foundation, our individual personalities compliment each other and our skills are mutually beneficial. That said, some of us are better at marbles than others. See the scoreboard below for written proof.

We are a team of people who all strive to do our best. We work hard, have a great time and all go home knowing we've put 100% into every job. Our craft is our life and we genuinely enjoy what we do.