The Single Malt office is located in a beautiful part of the North West in the picturesque village of Kirby Lonsdale and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. We love it so much that we’re writing this blog post all about it. 

The myth is that the only path to success is moving to the big city. We are living proof that this is just that, a myth. We strongly believe, and continue to prove, that you don’t have to be located in the big cities to be successful. 

What some people forget is that the internet in the countryside is identical to the internet in big cities like London. And so, we are able to do the same things, we just get to look at incredible views whilst doing it. 

And there are so many more benefits of being based in the country…

Being on the edge of both the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, we’re not short of stunning mountain views. The beauty in our surroundings definitely inspires many brainstorming sessions and stimulates a lot of creative thinking. 

In the village, there are beautiful boutique shops perfect for Christmas shopping, and for us foodies, there are delicious bakeries, delis, ice cream parlours and a hotel that does the best ever cheesy garlic bread. 

The drive to the office isn’t like any other, we pass impressive scenery, quaint farmhouses and amusing wildlife. Forgetting the odd tractor thrown in to slow us down it’s practically perfect. 

We have cows in our back garden, they all come and say hello every once in a while, which is fun. If you’re not an animal lover then this might not be for you, but being a country girl at heart, I love it. 

On sunny days especially, working here is spectacular, the stunning mountain views together with the BBQ in the back garden, make for a great place to work. What I’m trying to say is, is it might not be for everyone, but we couldn’t think of anywhere more perfect to be.