This blog post follows on nicely from a post I wrote a while back about why brand humanisation is growing in importance. If you haven’t read that post take a look here.

In summary, that post was stating that, as humans that are lacking human connection due to technology and automation, we are seeking that human connection through the brands that we love. 

A brand with personality helps to build that important connection with customers. 

So what is brand personality…

Brand personality is the human characteristics and traits that are assigned to a brand.

Increasingly, we are wanting to assign human characteristics to none human things, like brands. As I said above, it’s about seeking out that human connection.

It’s important that your brand’s personality resonates with the right people (your target audience). It is your brand personality that will build up your brand image, so the right people need to connect with it. 

Your brand personality shapes how your customers feel about you and what emotional response your brand evokes. 

It is made up from your brand identity, elements such as your name, logo, typography, colour palette as well as your marketing communications such as the tag lines you use, packaging and any other messaging or communications you put out into the world.  

So why will having a brand personality help your business succeed? 

With such a saturated market place, your personality is something that can set you apart from your competition. There are a lot of samey offerings out there now, so your personality can become your selling point. 

As I said above, it is important that you create a personality that is in line with your target consumer. With a personality that resonates with the right people, it will help entice your target customer to your brand. For example, if your brand has a caring and passionate personality, it will attract customers with similar values and traits. 

The connection that your brand personality will generate between you and your customer will create a sense of loyalty to your brand. Just as you would feel loyal to a friend, a personality will create a friend like connection and loyalty with your customers. 

Example …

I’m going to use apple as an example because most people, if not everyone, is aware of the brand and they are very good at the whole branding thing. 

Apple has several human traits that make up its personality, including, imagination, innovation, creativity and aspiration. These characteristics are what makes up their personality and connects the brand to its customers. Forget the products, it’s Apple’s brand personality that customers are loyal to. 

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