I have to say branding is my absolute passion. So, designing a brand for four luxury suites on the doorstep of our Kirkby Lonsdale office was a project I was ready to get my teeth into.

The concept was born from two companies, Aquajade and Majik House and our brief was to deliver a brand from their joint vision. Kicking off with a brand workshop, we started by delving deep into their values, vision and consequently getting to the heart of their brand’s purpose.

We worked with the client to understand their needs and those of their target market, their USP and their brand purpose. From this, we developed the name and their straplines by answering the following key questions.


The need for a high-end luxury retreat with zero hassle.


Combined expertise with attention to detail and service.


To provide the ultimate experience and an unforgettable stay through our combined expertise.

We went away and took this research to build a brand which was fully representative of their offering and core values. We worked hard to create a real feel for high-end luxury and something which felt bespoke to them.

The brand is inspired by the natural brick of the building, the letters which are encased in their own blocks are symbolic of the brand being built on absolute luxury. The Absoluxe identity shows that luxury is in its foundation, and the brand is representative of this.

The colour palette is rich and luxurious. Using a deep wine colour felt fitting for the brand as it really oozes high end luxury and is very powerful. The pairing with copper felt like a natural combination, creating a copper texture which really stands out next to the wine colour.

We also developed a brand device in the form of a pattern which can be used as a supporting element to the brand where appropriate. This really reflects the brand’s core values and leans on the combined expertise of the two parent companies. Having a subtle nod to the client’s individual company brands in this device gave the new brand a bit more weight and presence. The understated combination of the A and M really worked in initial stages where the brand had very few assets, other than the work we had created. Whilst the luxury suites are still in development, the brand could still get out there and start creating its mark.

The team at Absoluxe said:

“Working with Single Malt for the second time was fun. They very quickly “got” what we were painting in terms of the picture of our new venture and the reveal of the colour palette and font confirmed they had. We love the look of our new business and believe it gives us a distinctive look in the luxury end of the hospitality market.”

Carol Burrow, Absoluxe Suites

The website is fresh out of development and we truly believe it fully echoes everything the brand stands for. We are excited to see this all progress and as the suites come to life, so will the brand.

Head over to absoluxesuites.co.uk for more information and to see what absolute luxury looks like, booking coming soon.

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