It was my absolute pleasure to be asked to be on the panel for this event. Hosted by Louiza Rabouhi and in collaboration with Digital Lancashire the Women in Tech X Ladies Wine & Design events purpose was to celebrate, promote and empower women working in the digital and creative industries across our region.

In the beautifully intimate setting of The Herbarium Bar & Kitchen in Lancaster, I was joined by panellists from Graham & Brown and Textile Candy. Topics covered a range from inspirations and experiences from our own lives in conjunction with advice we’d give our younger selves.

Personally, I think women are under-represented in the tech and design sector, however with a 30+ strong turn out it was evident that things are changing in our industry. It is a shame we have to be referred to as women in tech and not just a person working in tech, but actually, I am very proud to be a woman in this industry and if these groups celebrate and inspire other women then for me that’s only a positive thing. Having these sorts of conversations will help eradicate the gender gap by inspiring and encourage more women to get involved in this industry.

I can honestly say I will remember this experience, I was so pleased to be invited to talk about different topics that I’m passionate about. Gender & age don’t need to define your role, leadership style or you as a person. And great events like Women In Tech & Ladies Wine Design will encourage these conversations. I’m already seeking my next opportunity to discuss these very topics, so watch this space!

To read more about my opinions on design and gender read this piece I wrote for our Courageous Conversation series: Where are all the women in design?

Our very own Rebecca Hull on her first ever panel.

The Single Malt team were there to support Rebecca on the big day, including myself, Kate. We found the event very interesting and insightful and are very proud of Rebecca, she did an amazing job on the panel, as did all the other lovely ladies.  

From my perspective, as an audience member, the event provided a great opportunity to continue the equality conversation. With panellists of different ages, professions and experiences it was great hearing everyone’s perspectives on numerous issues. Issues relating to the number of women in director-level roles and women acquiring funding to maternity leave and appropriate behaviour towards women in the workplace. The combination of negative and positive experiences made for a well-rounded discussion. It was good to hear from the inspirational women on the panel, but also it was interesting to hear different perspectives from individuals, men and women, in the audience. 

The event revealed how far we have come as women in tech. However, it also highlighted that we still have a way to go, but we are definitely well on our way.