If you read our blog regularly, you will know that a few months ago I wrote a post about brand humanisation and why there is an increasing demand for brands to behave in a more human way. If you haven’t read that post, read it here.  

Following on from that, this blog post will discuss ways in which you can humanise your brand. With consumer trust decreasing as fast as Usain Bolt runs the 100 metres, it is more important than ever that your brand appears more caring human and less faceless corporate machine. In this blog post, I will share 6 strategies you can adopt to make your brand appear more human.

1. Show off your Humans 

Every business has people in it… show them off! Even if you’re a one-man band, putting a human face or faces to a brand helps customers connect with you on a more personal level.

So share photos of your team on your social platforms and showcase their personalities. People like to get to know people, so let them get to know the people behind your brand. Put photos of your team on your website’s about page and ask them to write a little bit about themselves, this will really help to create that really important human level connection with your customers. 

2. Tell Relatable Stories 

Everyone loves a story, and they’re very engaging. Stories bring out the emotional side of your brand, and again, they allow your customers to connect with you on a more personal level. 

Creating a human brand is all about creating that personal connection with your customers. It’s about making them think of you as a friend, so don’t be surprised if I mention that ‘personal level connection’ once or twice or 100 times in this post.

3. Create and Engage in Conversations

Don’t just put your content in the faces of your audience, you need to connect with them, ask questions and engage in conversations. 

Some brands are very successful at using this strategy to humanise their brand, for example, Tesco Mobile.

You don’t have to engage in such a sassy way, but engaging with your consumers will make you appear more human and trustworthy. Use your brand personality to engage in conversations and connect with your audience. A good example of a brand that is really good at engaging with its customers in a less sassy way is Starbucks.

4. Write for People not Robots

You wouldn’t read boring content, so why would your audience want to. Inject personality into your writing and write things that your audience want to read. Content with personality, written for real people rather than corporate robots will engage your customers rather than bore them. Just have fun with it. 

5. Show your Caring Side

The aspect that separates humans from robots is empathy and emotions. Therefore brand humanisation includes an element of showing that you care about things. 

Share the human purpose of your brand. Not the result of making money, but the purpose, the ‘why’ your business exists for your customers. This will help your customers to gain a deeper understanding and connect with your brand in a more human and personal way. 

A good CSR strategy is effective in bringing out the human in your brand and showing that you care. Whether that be caring for your employees and offering more flexible working hours or partnering with a charity that is helping to change the world for the better. 

6. Just be Truly and Honestly Yourself 

The easiest way to bring out the human in your brand is to just be yourself and have fun.