The way businesses interact with their customers is changing dramatically, and there have been key changes in the world of email marketing over the past few years. Ensuring that your email marketing efforts are as effective as possible is vital to making sure that your message gets across. We’ve highlighted some of the latest key email marketing trends that you should have in mind when composing your next mail out;

Short and sweet

With mobile phones now the most common devices used to read emails, it makes sense that shorter is better. Research carried out in 2016 found that the ideal length of an email was somewhere between 50-125 words. With that in mind, it’s time to start getting creative with the ways you can grab your client’s attention…

Try interactivity

Although interactive emails have yet to make it into the mainstream, they do give users an added incentive for staying on your email rather than navigating somewhere else. If the purpose of your digital marketing efforts is to increase conversion, an interactive email could go some way to achieving that goal simply by giving clients the opportunity to buy in the email rather than having to follow a link or graphic.

Back to basics

It’s not rocket science to understand that brands who get the basics right do better with email marketing. Expect more focus on ensuring that all the basic elements of the email are optimised. Experts are predicting that more and more companies will adopt automation in the coming weeks and months, particularly when you consider that the technology isn’t being used to its full potential at the moment. Put simply, it looks like optimising from the ground up is going to be one of the biggest email marketing trends around.

Have a conversation

The art of conversation isn’t dead and more and more businesses are adopting a conversational tone when it comes to their email marketing efforts. Consumers tend to gravitate towards brands that don’t take themselves too seriously, so if you write like you talk, you stand a good chance of engaging them. It’s good to ask questions that encourage a response, and adopting an effortless conversational tone will make customers feel like they’re relating to you directly, and that can only mean good things for your brand.

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