Last week we welcomed a new face into the office, Will, for a week of work experience. We enjoy giving people an insight into a typical day, and the chance to see who we really are! Keep reading to see what he got up to…

I am currently studying Digital Games at Kendal College and was encouraged to do at least 35 hours of work experience. My tutor told me about the amazing work that happens in Kirkby Lonsdale at Single Malt, so I researched them on their website. I instantly knew that I wanted to spend the week learning more, and so I came into the office every day of the half-term holiday.


I arrived on Monday feeling nervous to meet everyone, but as soon as I entered the room and saw all their smiles I instantly felt at ease. They set me down at a desk that wasn’t being used and handed me two booklets, one for a new employee and one for any possible clients. Both booklets gave me a great insight into what kind of work they do and whom they work for.

I got a very chilled but hard working vibe from the office and from the information I received. After I had read through the booklets, we went into the meeting room where they showed everyone what they were doing for the day. They then set me with the task of creating a wire-frame for a website of a previous client. I had to think of the client, what their business is about and how that could be presented through their website. I then used a program to mock up my design using colours and images which I thought were appropriate.


I turned up for my second day excited to see what I would be doing. I was shadowing Megan, their designer, this gave me great ideas about ways to lay things out and designing tips which will be very useful for my course and any future career that I choose to pursue.

Later in the day, I sat next to Rebecca. She showed me through the process of making a brand and a logo to follow that. During this, I learnt that making a mood board helps to create a colour palette in which the business can use. I was then sent off to make my own brand and colour palette using my name. I found it very enjoyable being able to experiment with various different ideas. I started with different fonts and then changed one of the letters of the word. I then went on to add extra bits to help make it look more interesting.


The Wednesday entailed of me starting to write this very blog. Later, I sat in on a meeting with Rob and a client, Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery. This gave me some great insight into how businesses like to present their products and how they want the best. I found that they fully entrust Single Malt with their brand and their interpretation of it. Over the past few days, I have begun to understand how colours and symbols can greatly affect a business, for example using the same colours on everything from packaging to their leaflets to create a brand association.

After the meeting, I continued with my brand, making sure to use my mood board to keep a consistent design. I kept trying different designs with the colour scheme and found the design which I feel suited best. I then watched as Megan created a short animation which was going to be used in an email.


I came in on Thursday to find out that a client meeting that was planned for today would have to be cancelled, as unfortunately, the client had caught the flu. However, Rob and Rebecca had already bought waffles and Nutella for the meeting. So the morning started off with everyone enjoying waffles with strawberries and bananas. After that, I took Rob’s advice and began to add my designs to things such as business cards and billboards using some skills I had gathered from the past week and some from my constant use of Adobe in the past. I then collaborated all my ideas into an in-design document and then exported it into a presentation.


My last day consisted of me finishing off this blog post and Rob showing me what happens when a site goes live. This gave me a view into the real workings of a website. I then started to build a website of my own to keep in practice of HTML as it had been a week since we started it. 

Overall I’m very grateful for the opportunity that Single Malt provided me with, it has given me ideas as to what I would like to do in the future. Thank you very much!

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