At Single Malt we enjoy welcoming new people into the office, giving them an insight into a typical day and showing them who we are. We recently welcomed Hannah Dennison, an Art and Design student to do two weeks of work experience with us. Read her blog below to see what she got up to…

Day one: My first day at Single Malt

I had such a warm welcoming on my first day and everyone at Single Malt made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in the design environment that I am still new to. 

As I study Art and Design at college, I thought it would be a great experience to go to Single Malt and see what it feels like to be in a design working environment, as I am really interested in Graphic Design. It is definitely the route I want to pursue after finishing my course at college. 

To start my first day, I read a booklet about Single Malt and how the business has grown to where it is today, along with some more interesting facts about the team. After that I sat down with Rob and talked more about Single Malt, the team, what they do day to day and where the business aims to go. Rob also talked about the work they do with my family’s business – Dennison Trailers – and well as lots of other inspiring businesses.

I was shown through a portfolio of websites that Single Malt have designed and launched. I shadowed one of the designers –  Meg, who is on placement at Single Malt. I watched what she was doing on Photoshop, as she was designing assets for a new website at the time. It was very interesting seeing what she was doing, and I gained a lot from simply watching her.

Day two:

During my second day at Single Malt I started to make a mood board with ideas for logos, as I wanted to design my own personal brand. As I didn’t have a laptop, I just started to sketch a few ideas and logo concepts. Meg gave me a few pointers and showed me some resources for help with creativity and inspiration.

I also sat with Sarah who was working on a website at the time and I found it really interesting to see the design process they go through for digital work. She talked me through each step and why that step needed to happen. As part of the process, me and Sarah visited the location of the local business to take some photos for using in the design. Once back, Sarah uploaded the images into the design files and started to edit the design, making it look amazing.  

Day three

On my third day at Single Malt, Meg kindly lent me her laptop to work on, as well as some paints and other equipment so I could create some colour ideas for my personal brand. It was great to be able to experiment with different materials. I like to use water colour and brushos, and then worke them into Photoshop to create digital versions. I have always worked well with that sort of style and have progressed it since going to college. 

Next, I used paints and brushos to finalise the colour scheme that I wanted to go for, then I took photos of them and transferred to the computer so I could edit and intensify the colours. I started to create my colour palette on Photoshop and begin the composition of my logo.

Day four and five at Single Malt:

I carried on working on my personal logo and started to come up with a range of different ways to express my ideas, including experimenting with different text and fonts. Sarah had a look at where I was at and gave me a few ideas on what I could do to progress my brand.

I spent time shadowing both Sarah and Meg as they were both working on digital projects. As this is where my interest lies at the minute, they asked me for my thoughts on their work and what I would do if I were carrying out the tasks. This helped to get me thinking about what’s needed. 

Second week at Single Malt:

I got the opportunity to return to Single Malt for a second week and carry on my learning. I was really happy to do so as I wanted to finish my logo development and continue learning new things about design. Just being in that type of work environment is a great experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the team. They all explained things to me well and were all very helpful and happy to help with my understanding. 


The Single Malt team are amazing and it was great to watch and experience their enthusiasm, hard work, and creativity in the design industry.

It has been a great experience for me and I want to thank the Single Malt team for having me on work experience for two weeks. It has been great learning different skills and forming ideas. My time here has really made me more open minded and broadened my thinking around what I want to do in the future.