1903 branding & collateral

MAG had a brand new lounge in the making which was situated in Terminal 3, and to be positioned against their current Escape Lounges, but with a more premium offering. We had the opportunity to brand this lounge totally from scratch; from the style, the feel, the colours, the interior and of course the branding. We decided on 1903 as the name for the lounge, harking back to the year of the first flight by the Wright Brothers.

Bringing The Past to the Present

The classic, yet refined feel of the lounge complimented nicely, the heritage and story of the brand with a modern twist, which flows throughout the lounge in various guises, from the mix of classic and modern fonts to the photography and interior details.

Drawing inspiration from the airport itself, we developed a pattern from the unique pathways and layout created by the airport’s runways. This then followed on to the architecture, as well as marketing materials.

The team really took the time to listen to us, find out what our objectives were and worked with us to deliver a high quality product for our customers. We felt the team really understood the 1903 lounge concept and developed a strong brand proposition based on our brief.

Beth Brewster, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Lounges - Manchester Airports Group

Continuous support

We continue to provide a huge range of design assets to the team at 1903, whether that be menus, posters, vouchers, flyers or even artwork you see on the screens in the terminal itself - we are hugely proud of our relationship, and always look forward to working on 1903.

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