Built on Absolute Luxury

Absoluxe is a concept born from two companies with a centre of excellence, Majik House and Aquajade. One providing homes with smart technology systems that are simple, useful and beautiful and the other designing and delivering high-end bathrooms, providing you with an island of calm.

Absoluxe Suites offer a decadent place to stay in the heart of the picturesque village of Kirkby Lonsdale. Built on absolute luxury, the suites offer an escape from the everyday and are nothing short of spectacular and compelling.

From the ground up, we brought to life the joint vision of Majik House and Aquajade to create Absoluxe, a brand built on absolute luxury.

The Brief

As a completely new venture, Absoluxe required the works and we were very excited to work with the Absoluxe team to bring their vision to life.

We worked collaboratively to create a brand that was fully representative of their bespoke offering and values and a website that oozes high-end luxury.

Business Objectives

Absoluxe came about from the desire to provide something out of the ordinary, to create an experience with a real ‘wow’ factor.

With their brand purpose “to provide the ultimate experience and an unforgettable stay through our combined expertise.” We set out to help them achieve results by developing and designing a brand and website that truly represents the excellence that Absoluxe stands for.

The Process: Understanding, Development and Design

Before starting the design element of any branding project we always start with strategy. Working closely with the Absoluxe team to fully understand the business and their goals, we started off with a workshop to bring out their values and get to the core of their brand purpose.

With this information we set off designing a brand with purpose that had a feel of high-end luxury and will generate results.

Inspired by the natural brick of the building in which the suites are located, the brand uses colours such as a deep wine colour pared with copper to create a rich, luxurious and powerful feel to the brand. In the logo, the letter are incased in their own blocks to symbolise the brand being built on absolute luxury.

A brand device in the form of a pattern was created with a subtle nod to the founding companies, Aquajade and Majik House. The pattern, using an understated combination of the A and M, can be used as a supporting element to the brand and gives the brand more weight and presence.

Take a look at the site here.

Absoluxe-Brand Development


The team worked closely with Absoluxe to create a brand that truly reflects everything that they stand for. We crafted a brand that oozes high-end and website that adds to the bespoke luxurious feel of the Absoluxe offering.

“Working with Single Malt for the second time was fun. They very quickly “got” what we were painting in terms of the picture of our new venture and the reveal of the colour palette and font confirmed they had. We love the look of our new business and believe it gives us a distinctive look in the luxury end of the hospitality market.”

Carol Burrow, Absoluxe Suites


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