Every child should have hope

Children of Hope is a UK registered charity based in the North West of England since 2008. Working with the poorest, most vulnerable communities in Uganda, their sole aim is to find sponsors in the West for orphaned and destitute Ugandan children, to help provide them with an education, access to health care and also vocational training.

The Brief

When the Children of Hope team first came to see us, we knew we wanted to help but what we really wanted to do was make a difference to the families in Uganda. However small that might be.

As a creative studio, we are very lucky to have a range of skills, many of which we often take for granted and always wonder how we can use them for good as well as keeping our business running!

Working alongside Children of Hope and our friends at development agency Ninesenses, we set about providing a new website that would convey the incredible daily work that the charity does to help the Ugandan communities. As well as building a website we also developed their existing brand to suit their personality and core values. This was done completely as a passion project to enable Children of Hope to concentrate on their core aims.

Business Objectives

By redesigning their website and developing a couple of new brand assets, we are helping Children of Hope increase the awareness of the charity itself and the importance of education and health within the communities of Uganda. This generated awareness will work towards increasing the number of sponsors and donations they receive, in turn progressing the assistance and guidance to the communities. The children, young adults and families just want to build a better life for themselves, and we just want to help.

The Process & Design Insight

Our award-winning designs are driven by courage, passion and insightful thinking. Each project goes through an exciting process to ensure that the work is of the highest quality and will work towards meeting the goals of our clients. This process consists of generating an understanding of our client and their goals, developing and testing new ideas and then creating the perfect designs.

Understanding, Development & Design

It was paramount for us as a team to fully understand the Children of Hope mission before starting on this project. From the first meeting we gained a huge appreciation for everything the charity do, and were truly touched by their work. They are a very inspiring charity doing amazing things, therefore, we were honoured to donate our time to their cause.

We took inspiration from the incredible photographs – taken by Joe Mather and Ruby Seger-Bernard. The site is heavily dependent on the emotive reaction from the photography. Looking through the photography, we noticed the geometric shapes that existed in the markets stalls and clothing. We incorporated these fantastic shapes into our designs to help represent the people, the vibrancy and the connectivity within the communities there.

Take a look at the finished site here.

From start to finish, it has been a really positive experience working with the team at Single Malt. They quickly grasped what we were trying to achieve with the new Children of Hope site and came back with some very creative and innovative ideas. They have shown endless patience as we’ve shaped the site together and combined this with great technical knowledge and expertise, which we definitely don’t have! On top of that, they are just very nice people to work with, relaxed yet highly professional and with great attention to detail and a desire to get the site ready on time and absolutely perfect.

Juliet Burd, Children of Hope UK Director

What next?

We hope to create further artwork, that will develop the personality of the Children of Hope brand - both online and print. This is just the beginning of our story together, we are set to visit Uganda soon to see the positive impact that has been made by the collective effort of the teams' partnership with the charity.


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