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Dennison has been building high-quality trailers for over 50 years. With a passion for engineering excellence, continuous product development and the highest standards of customer service, their emphasis has always been on creating quality products.

Our team have continued to evolve the companies identity and have become ambassadors for the brand. We have a close relationship with many of the Dennison team and are more than happy to be an extension of their business in terms of marketing, design, communications, and PR. We have worked together for just over 2 years, with so much exciting and interesting work coming our way.

Dennison Trailers email campaign shown on iPhone

The Brief

As Dennison Trailer’s brand ambassador, we have ownership of all marketing collateral and ensure it is symbolic of the core values of Dennison Trailer, innovation, R&D, Design, Engineering, Compliance, and manufacture.

We were recently tasked with redesigning the Dennison Trailer Website. For this website to be a success, it would need to be fully flexible and should reflect their market leading status.

Dennison Trailers printed newsletter MD welcome text
Dennison Trailers printed newsletter

Business Objectives

The aim of our relationship with Dennison Trailers is to create a strong brand identity and image, through greater consistency. Enabling them to become even stronger as an organisation and as a team.

Process: Understanding, Development and Design

As we have been working with Dennison Trailers for over 2 years we have built up a very solid understanding of the brand and the values in which the brand stands upon.

To help Dennison Trailers strengthen their identity, we created a brand book, providing everyone with distinct guidelines indicating how the brand should be presented. This helped to create a more consistent brand image.

To reflect the Dennison Trailer brand through the website, a refreshing use of grid patterns and cut out imagery was used. As the aim was to create a stronger and more consistent brand, we wanted to ensure that there was a stricter and more consistent use of typography throughout the site.

Take a look at Dennison Trailer's new website here.

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Results and successes

Our relationship with Dennison Trailer’s, span over 2 years, is very successful and prosperous. We have helped them in portraying their values and strengthening their brand image to help them continue to thrive.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with such a successful brand as Dennison’s.

We have been working with Rob and the team at Single Malt for 2 years now. They are responsible for all design and marketing for the Dennison Trailers group in the UK, Ireland and our overseas markets. Their work with us helps us stand out in a busy sector and matches our market leading approach as a business.

James Dennison - Managing Director

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