Escape Brand Refresh

The Single Malt team are extremely proud to have worked on the brand refresh for Escape Lounges, which took place across 10 lounges in the UK and USA. The refresh involved a bright new colour palette combined with clean seasonal imagery. The project involved a large scope of collateral including: uniforms, menus, in-terminal and external advertising with a combination of offline and online advertising material.

Escape Lounges Branded Takeaway Cup
Escape Lounges Logo
Escape Lounges Colour Palette
Escape Lounges employee wearing uniform
Escape Menu
Escape Lounges Flyer with Pricing
Escape Lounge looking onto runway
Escape Lounges Complimentary Entry Voucher

Escape Plus

As an extension of the Escape brand refresh, we were asked to create the sub-brand Escape Plus. This brand is more stripped back, introducing a copper texture and a refined colour palette to make the brand more premium.

Escape Plus Logo
Escape Plus Takeaway Cup and Flyer

The Escape brand has a fresh new look with a brighter colour palette, inviting imagery and a relaxed feel to reflect the friendly service provided. Single Malt not only provided a fantastic service, but also a fantastic brand.

Louise Mason - Lounges Marketing Manager

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