Lancaster BiD

We have been working with Lancaster BID (Business Improvement District) for over 2 years, providing them with design assets to compliment the amazing work they do within Lancaster City. They are a not for profit company who help local businesses aim to create a more prosperous city centre. Among many other jobs, the BID team work very hard to organise events for local residents and visitors to the area. We have loved being able to design a wide array of artwork for them, including posters, raffle tickets, flyers, signage, adverts and even hoarding covers for the areas where building works happen.

Lancaster BID banner artwork on the side of a bus

I have had the pleasure of working with the Single Malt Design team for the last two years and hold them in the highest regard.

Single Malt are professional and organised and have been very accommodating of our business needs over the past two years. We have worked on a range of projects together, from adverts to flyers and shop front covers to branded infrastructure & merchandise.

The team have always maintained regular communication and listened to feedback to ensure that all our marketing campaigns have the maximum impact.

Rachael Wilkinson, Lancaster BID Manager
Lancaster BID Easter Event information leaflet
Lancaster BID information leaflet
Artwork covering boarded BHS shop in Lancaster
Artwork covering boarded BHS shop in Lancaster

Great time management is definitely an asset of the team. Throughout our time with Single Malt, we have never missed an advert or design deadline, no matter how tight, thanks to their hard work and dedication.

The Lancaster Business Improvement District (BID) team and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Single Malt over the past two years and we look forward to continuing this working relationship in the future.

Rachael Wilkinson, Lancaster BID Manager
Lancaster BID hoarding artwork around Lancaster Museum

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