The client was seeking an effective and clean brand identity, packaging, and a sales website that reflected their dedication to quality, while showcasing the product at the forefront. They wanted a brand identity that could grow with the company, adding new products and divisions as they saw fit. The ‘three bells’ logo marque derived from the Porter family coat of arms and added a subtle device which related to each subsidiary of the business.

Porters Coffee logo
Porters logo and Old Brown Java product Info


The style and feel of the brand emerged through the photography and colours bringing heritage, with a modern ‘hipster’ flavour. The packaging gave a natural feel, purpose built bags with a unique unobtrusive label to seal and give relevant information on the contents for that months flavours. There was a need to differentiate each flavour that shipped from month to month. We addressed this with a coloured chevron that followed throughout that particular months marketing.

Porters Old Java Brown Product
Gunpowder green tea products
2 coffee cups

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