Proof 65

MAG, the UK’s largest airport group, has introduced 'Proof', an indulgent new bar and restaurant concept, fusing local heritage with Mediterranean delicacies alongside a superior, spirits-led, drinks menu. Each Proof bar will be numbered, with the number denoting the year in which the host airport commenced commercial flight operations. The first bar to be introduced is 'Proof 65' located at East Midlands Airport which opened as a commercial airfield in the year 1965, hence giving the bar its name. The venue ‘nods’ towards the local history of the airport and area, and also features the work of local artists on its walls.

The Brief

To create a new brand for MAG’s new bar and restaurant offering - Proof. The brand as a whole was required to work well alongside the already established and well received brands of the 1903 and Escape Lounges.

The requirement was for the brand identity to project an urban ‘hipster’, Northern Quarter and millennial feeling, with the colour palette and texture section being carried through into the furniture and fixtures selected.

Business Objectives

MAG’s aim is to give their passengers the best possible choice of environment throughout their journey, including the time spent in the terminal. MAG’s strategy of building its own brand and operations in the food and beverage space is unique among major UK airports and is a big step towards achieving their strategy to offer more of their own products to passengers, from the car park to the departure gate.

Our challenge was to create a brand that is flexible, incorporating colour variations and imagery that could work across all future Proof locations. For the brand to be a success, it needed to be able to reflect the local heritage of the area in which each venue is located, a core part of the Proof brand identity and values.

The process & design insight

Our award-winning designs are driven by courage, passion and insightful thinking. Each project goes through an exciting process to ensure that the work is of the highest quality and will work towards meeting the goals of our clients. This process consists of generating an understanding of our client and their goals, developing and testing new ideas and then creating designs to match the brief.

Understanding, development and design

Taking the original brief as direction, we focused on themes with undertones of a retro, Northern Quarter feel, with a modern yet natural flavour running throughout. We explored various avenues and decided on three of the strongest routes as an initial concept stage. We believed there was a lot of scope within each of these three routes to be flexible and evolve naturally as the brand developed. The chosen route was then tweaked in terms of the positioning of the ‘65’ and the final logo was brought to life.

The colours chosen consist of strong hues which create an impactful colour scheme that won’t go unnoticed. Natural shades within the colour scheme bring out the ‘earthly’ elements in the brand - water, sand and metal. The tranquil blue provides a contrast against the orange and red tones whilst still maintaining a balance between hues, much like you'd expect from a luxurious holiday destination.

Single Malt worked closely with us to truly understand the core values of the brand that we are looking to develop. They understand us, our processes and our customers and always go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional final product.

Working with the Single Malt team from initial inception through to venue opening allowed us to ensure that the brand identity was truly reflected throughout the venue – from individual light fittings to the wider colour scheme of the venue.

Lounges Marketing Manager at MAG

Results and Successes

We created a brand that is both flexible and encompasses quality, as well as a logo that compliments the current lounge logos under the MAG umbrella. The result was a new food-led bar concept that will enhance passengers' in terminal experience and a brand that will boost awareness and success.


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