A Modern Approach Built on a Rich History

Established in 1990 as a service expansion of local solicitors Ratcliffe & Bibby, Ratcliffe & Bibby Estate Agents quickly built up a reputation for offering an independent professional service to clients. Now a separate limited company, R&B Estate Agents continue to offer exceptional service to home sellers and buyers alike, aiming to take the hassle out of the process.

The brand now encompasses a reflection of the company’s rich history as well as their modern approach. It portrays the 100 years of combined experience and quest to deliver a high quality and hassle-free service as well as their transparent and caring approach to the client experience. They take their time to understand every individual and their priorities to make the process as hassle-free for every one of their clients, the brand identity we have created now reflects this excellence.

The Brief

Our aim was to conduct a brand audit and consider the refresh of R&B’s current identity in a way that captures their heritage and expertise. We needed to create a brand that is able to compete with both high-street and online Estate Agents.

Business Objectives

The estate agency market has changed dramatically over the past few years and despite providing an excellent service and building up a reputation in the local community, R&B rarely appeared in their audiences top 3 estate agency choices. Consequently, the need for a brand refresh was recognised.

Our objective was to create a brand that will improve perceptions and increase R&B’s appearance in their audiences’ top 3 agents to sell with. It needed to capture R&B’s heritage and expertise. It would need to be trustworthy, and be representative of expertise in order to improve perceptions and increase the number of people choosing to sell their homes with R&B Estate Agents.

The Process: Understanding, Development and Design

Working closely with the R&B team we worked to discover what R&B stands for. The brand purpose was quickly discovered “To challenge the perceptions of the industry with the R&B personal touch.”

The brand now encompasses a reflection of the company’s rich history as well as their modern, caring and transparent approach. It is fully representative of what R&B stand for and how they want to be portrayed.

Strong modern typography is an evolution of the previous logo whilst still being enigmatic of the brand’s original image - this modern approach reflects The R&B Estate Agents brand purpose.

Typography plays an important role in the overall tone and quality of our brand. Careful use of the R&B typography reinforces our personality and ensures continuity across the brand’s communication. The tone of voice that we developed reflects the reliable and personable ethos of the company. With lines such as “We are your Estate Agent,” R&B’s will instil a feeling of trust, honesty and transparency.

Colour plays an important part in the R&B Estate Agents brand. The colours picked are representative of the brand's history, refreshing the pre-existing palette of R&B. The addition of a grey and a dark blue to the colour palette instantly lifts the brand and gives it more opportunity to highlight key information. The introduction of a new colour palette gives the brand a modern refresh, again linking to the brand's core purpose.

See R&B Estate Agent's new website here.

Results and Successes

The result was a brand that reflects R&B’s modern and caring approach to the customer experience, with a nod to their rich history. It is fully representative of what R&B stand for and will work towards creating a brand image that is synergistic with their combined 100 years of experience and top-class, hassle-free service.

We initially contacted Single Malt to look at some offline design and marketing work for us. It quickly became apparent that the team at Single Malt inspired us to work through a branding refresh project.

From start to finish we were delighted with the work they undertook and even commissioned them to take on our new site, something we didn’t even plan on doing but are so glad we did. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Single Malt.

Lee Bradbury, R&B Estate Agents

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