Our favourite mum to be is going on Maternity leave on Friday. We will miss her a lot, but we wish her luck and hope she enjoys this precious time and gets as much sleep as she possibly can. We look forward to having her back with the team and we can’t wait to meet her new little human. Keep reading for a little Q&A with Sarah…


What has been the best thing about being pregnant/the most underrated thing?

Feeling the baby move is really amazing for me. Seeing it in the scan has been one of the best things! I’ve loved getting everything ready for having the baby too – especially the nursery. Nesting is in full swing. 

What are you excited for most about maternity leave/having a baby? 

For the maternity leave I’m excited to have a rest before the baby comes along. Although I can’t wait to meet our little one! Once we have the baby I can’t wait for all the little milestones and every kiss and cuddle. 

As a designer I assume the nursery will look like a work of art, have you thought about what the nursery will look like/how are you decorating it?

We love Scandinavian design so we are going very minimalist and natural. Neutral colours for now as we don’t know what were having! 

Have you had any cravings? if so what have they been? 

Gammon at the very beginning – but the weirdest one I’ve had was pancakes and garlic mayo – I did not consume this…

What food/drink have you found the hardest giving up?

Pâté and Baileys for Christmas! (Or anytime for the matter) 

What kind of mum do you think you’ll be? 

I’ll try to be the best I can be – so far I’ve learnt that so long as you try your hardest and love unconditionally it should all be fine. (Ask me that when I’m sleep deprived and I don’t know what day it is!)