On Thursday 13th June, the Single Malt team are baking cupcakes for the Alzheimer’s Society to help beat Dementia. 

The Alzheimers Society Website sheds light on some sobering facts. 

“In the average time it takes to bake a batch of cakes, six people in the UK will develop dementia. It is now the leading cause of death in England and Wales, overtaking both cancer and heart disease.”

In light of this, we decided that we wanted to do our bit and get involved with the Alzheimers Society Cupcake Day. 

Join us on Thursday 13th June to eat some cupcakes to help raise some ‘dough’ for dementia! Here is how your money is helping the cause: 

  • £2 pays for a sprinkling of much needed DNA duplicator, essential when conducting tests on DNA in the lab. 
  • £50 could let us be there for five people, for five hours of in depth support from our Helpline team at a time of crisis.
  • £150 could pay for two people with dementia to attend Singing for the Brain sessions for one year, where they and their carers can come together for an hour each week to sing and dance with music. 

Thank you in advance to anyone that helps us support this important cause, we really appreciate it.

If you want to get involved check out the Alzheimers Society Website here.