We are delighted to introduce our brand new bi-monthly blog series, Courageous Conversation. We will be producing a series of blogs and conversations around topics which might be considered a bit taboo in the design industry.  The aim of the series is to provoke questions, conversations and opinions, so get involved, we’d love to see what you think. 

We will be covering topics from inequality, the gender pay gap and women in design right through to debates around “print is dead” and the struggle of the work/life balance. We want to explore topics that are relevant to today’s working world in our wonderful industry.

Follow our journey on these thought-provoking topics which hopefully will spark wider conversation.

Check out the current posts in the series.

  1. Courageous Conversation: Where are all the Women in Design?
  2. Courageous Conversation: With Carol Burrow
  3. Courageous Conversation: Joining the #GirlBoss Debate
  4. Courageous Conversation: With Shetel Khimashia

Stay tuned for the next post in the series!