Social media is something I have a love-hate relationship with. It has the power to create amazing opportunities, for example, the #MeToo movement, made possible through social media. However, comparison culture and mindless scrolling have significantly impacted the mental health of an entire society, an issue that needs to be talked about more. 

This book deals with how social media has an impact on every area of your life from your career to motherhood. Katherine outlines some of the positives that social media can have on our lives. However, the stats and figures will make you want to delete it all, or at the very least, have a digital detox every once in a while.  

What I like about this book, is that it doesn’t order you to cut it all out of your life immediately. It is, instead, a well thought out and researched book that includes both sides of the story. Katherine also interviews a number of social media influencers to give their opinions on the issue, which is a really nice touch. The book not only explains and informs you about the impact of social media, but it also gives advice on how to make social media work better for you and your lifestyle.

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