For brands and businesses alike, social media has become an integral form of digital marketing. With the world constantly active on social media, it’s no surprise that some of the early trends we saw in 2016 will undoubtedly rise throughout 2017. Here are just three:

Augmented reality

Snapchat has vastly exceeded the world’s expectations on popularity. With more people utilising the app to play with the various augmented reality based filters, it has fast become one of the favourites in social media marketing. From Snapchat to the release of Pokémon Go, it’s plain to see that augmented reality has become a staple for mobile and app users the world over. Snapchat’s consistent source of ad revenue here could potentially lead its competitors to expand into this field too, increasing the potential for brands to use this form of marketing.

Live video

Facebook and Instagram confirmed the rise in live video popularity in 2016. With studies having shown that 14% of marketers gave it a go last year, while 43% are said to be planning to use live video in 2017, it is something that will fast become an essential marketing tool in the near future. Brands and companies alike should look to key social outlets which best suit their target market and appeal to the live video here. Whether it be via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the aim will be to keep your market engaged by bringing an event to them which they may not have been able to attend or have been aware of before.

Social media e-commerce

A recent survey has shown that 53% of customers follow brands on social media to know more about products on sale and to find new items to purchase. 2016 saw the beginnings of apps like Snapchat and Instagram using their applications to for e-commerce. This looks to increase throughout 2017. Adapting calls to action for your target market on social media platforms could see your brand gaining far more interaction through different commercial routes.

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