Digital is no longer an innovation. It’s now officially the largest media channel by spend, outstripping TV for the first time at the end of 2016. For digital marketers, it’s time to up your game and exploit the new opportunities that will become available throughout 2017.

Creating a rich user experience

The use of ad-blockers is on the rise, with 32% of internet users putting a stop on intrusive banner ads and unsatisfying user experiences. It’s a challenging environment where digital marketing has become increasingly devalued, thanks to poor practice by some businesses who persist in the digital equivalent of yelling at their customers.

Marketers will need to create richer, more relevant and personalised experiences that capture the right emotional tone. Successful strategies will include using interactive video, the development of native content and the successful leveraging of location-based data to integrate offline and online experiences.

New heights for digital video

No longer just a reiteration of the TV experience, digital video is set to hit new heights in 2017. Savvy marketers will need to exploit the opportunities offered by virtual reality, 360-degree video, streaming and live group chats to create and present content in ways that really engage their viewers.

The number of minutes we spend online daily watching video is steadily rising, up 7 minutes on 2016 to 77 minutes in 2017. With 51 of those minutes being mobile, the challenge of finding the right mix of personalisation, value and relevance to engage mobile-only users will only continue to grow. Meanwhile, video will continue to uncouple from TV and present more exciting opportunities, even as some new low-cost TV viewing experiences drive ever more viewers online.

Develop your voice strategy

With the huge and stealthy success of the Amazon Echo and the normalisation of audio based digital assistants like Siri and Cortana, the relentless rise of voice-based AI is set to profoundly impact on the way we interact with the technology around us. Digital marketers will need to develop a solid voice strategy for their brands that embraces their search, content and advertising strategies as audio continues to build through 2017. Thinking of implementing one of these trends into your business plan? Single Malt can help.

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